Brian Cliette: proposal

12 January 2017

Brian Cliette
1821 Hillandale Rd.
Suite 1B - 102
Durham NC 27705

Dear Brian

Thanks for your interest in working with me. Below I’ve outlined my proposal for the project.

Please review and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll contact you in a few days if I haven’t heard back by then.

Sincerely yours,
David Crowther

Why You’re Here

You used to sell a small ebook as a guide to opening your own boutique store on

The website was closed but you continue to sell the guide on Amazon and have since written two updated versions of the guide.

Where You Want To Be

You're looking to reboot the website and create a sales funnel to sell your books as well as an online course.

Once this sales funnel is in operation and data is coming in, you'll be able to further optimise the funnel for increased revenue.

What We Want To Do

To help you achieve these objectives we'll turn your website into a sales machine.

I will:

  • Design your sales funnel blueprints which maps the journeys you wish your visitors to take through your website.
  • Build a scalable sales funnel to increase book and online course conversions.
  • Grow sales and revenue.


To generate targeted traffic I suggest we explore a method of generating traffic that's a hybrid of content marketing and paid advertising.

You see the problem with content marketing is you can write the most amazing blog post of your life and yet no one will know it exists until either Google blesses you or you promote it.

But when you pair the lasting staying power of content marketing with the rapid reach of paid traffic—this is where the magic happens.

You create content that has value to your target audience in the form of a blog post or guide.

You then send paid traffic to that resource.

As your ads are promoting something useful instead of making the hard sell, your CTR is higher (which often leads to lower CPC).

Once they're reading your article you entice them with your lead magnet and before you know it they're on the first step of their journey through your sales funnel.

I can help you with content generation, and I can recommend someone for the paid advertising.

Sales Funnels

I have ideas for a number of different sales funnels that we should ultimately test for

(Note: these sales funnels are highly simplified examples and don't show cross-sells, down-sells, nurture emails, etc.)

Lead magnet => ebook($) => book($$) => course($$$)

Free kindle => free ebook => book($$) => course($$$)

Free kindle or lead magnet => free book + postage($) => course($$$)

We can discuss which one you'd prefer to start with, and then over time we'd test the alternative sales funnels.

Course Launch

You have an existing list of 5,000 emails to work with. It would be a shame not to benefit from this resource.

I recommend running a launch campaign for your online course targeting this list.

Now it's an old list, so after cleaning let's say you have 3,000 left.

Say a conversion rate of 1% at a price point of $297:

30 x $297 = $8,910

Immediately you'd have cleared my fees and everything going forward would be pure profit.

Then, with the data gathered from the launch you could approach affiliates to run affiliate launches and campaigns.

Of course you'll also be able to up-sell your consulting packages offered at $497 - $2,500.

What We’ll Be Preparing For

For the project's best chance of success, we must strive to:

  • Be clear on how you position yourselves to your target audience.
  • Provide your visitors with a clear journey through your sales funnel, answering their questions and building trust along the way.
  • Provide content that's genuinely useful to your audience.
  • Provide a platform and environment that allows you to easily and regularly optimise your sales funnel.

Why We’re Best For The Project

There are all sorts of flashy agencies who could potentially help you with this project. So why work with me? Here are several reasons I hope you’ll find compelling:

How We Can Do This For You

I've outlined below various deliverables and associated fees. You may select any or all of the options below.

Option A: Sales Funnel:
- Gather, review and analyze data
- Sales funnel blueprint & strategy
- Landing pages copywriting
- Email campaign copywriting
Option B: Course Launch:
- Launch sequence planning and schedule
- Updates required for sales funnel landing pages (convert to time limited offers)
- Email copywriting for launch campaign
Option C: Design:
- Conversion optimized design for your sales funnel pages
- See examples of our designs here

Note: development (coding) is not included in any of the options above.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,