Gee Mann: iBookedin Proposal

21 March 2017

Gee Mann
3rd Floor
207 Regent Street
London W1 3HH

Dear Gee

Thanks for your interest in working with me. Below I’ve outlined my proposal for the project.

Please review and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll contact you in a few days if I haven’t heard back by then.

Sincerely yours,
David Crowther

Why You’re Here

You've recently launched your Event Space booking platform and you have a number of venues already on your system.

Now you need traffic and paying customers to turn this into a real business.

Where You Want To Be

You want a regular stream of traffic to your site and a defined sales funnel producing leads and sales.

Once this new sales funnel is in operation and data is coming in, you'll be able to further optimise the sales funnel for increased revenue.

What We Want To Do

To help you achieve these objectives we'll turn your website into a sales machine.

I will:

  • Create a digital marketing strategy providing you with a step by step plan for building up your traffic.
  • Design your sales funnel blueprint which illustrates the journey visitors will take through your sales funnel.
  • Create a scalable sales funnel to increase conversions and leads.
  • Grow sales and revenue.


To generate targeted traffic I recommend a hybrid of content marketing and paid advertising.

You see the problem with content marketing is you can write the most amazing blog post of your life and yet no one will know it exists until either Google blesses you or you promote it.

But when you pair the lasting staying power of content marketing with the rapid reach of paid traffic—this is where the magic happens.

You create content that has value to your target audience in the form of a blog post or guide.

You then send paid traffic to that resource.

As your ads are promoting something useful instead of making the hard sell, your CTR is higher (which often leads to lower CPC).

Once they're reading your article you entice them with a lead magnet (a downloadable resource that you offer in exchange for their email address) and before you know it they're on the first step of their journey through your sales funnel.


Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry.

It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website—as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

Email Campaign

To build up your list of registered venues I recommend a cold email campaign which consists of two stages:

  • Searching for and obtaining contact details to create a targeted list in the venue industry.
  • Composing and emailing a sequence of emails introducing yourself and the service you provide.

Once contact is made the leads are passed onto yourself or your sales team to close.

Sales Funnels

There are two sales funnels I would like to start with for

The first is the simple direct funnel where we send visitors directly to the venue sales page and immediately ask for the sale.

SF1 example
Paid ad/remarketing/email campaign => venue sales page => registration

For the second funnel we offer your visitors to download a lead magnet which provides content useful to those that rent event space.

Once the visitor has entered their email address to download the lead magnet, we further nurture them with a series of emails and ultimately direct them to the venue sales page to purchase.

SF2 example
Paid ad/remarketing/email campaign => article => lead magnet => email campaign => venue sales page => registration

Over time we'd also be able to test alternative sales funnels to further optimise sales.

What We’ll Be Preparing For

For the project's best chance of success, we must strive to:

  • Be clear on how you position yourselves to your target audience.
  • Provide your visitors with a clear journey through your website, answering their questions and building trust along the way.
  • Provide content that's genuinely useful to your audience.
  • Provide a platform and environment that allows you to easily and regularly optimise your sales funnels.
  • Track and measure each visitor through your sales funnels.

Why We're Best For The Project

There are all sorts of flashy agencies who could potentially help you with this project. So why work with me? Here are several reasons I hope you’ll find compelling:

  • You’ll work directly with me—the conversion rate optimization expert. I’ll be planning and managing the project.
  • I've been published in, and
  • I don’t bill by the hour so you always know in advance what the financial investment will be for my intervention.
  • I’ve worked on over 50 successful websites and landing pages that have increased my clients conversion rates and profits. I know what I'm doing.
  • I’ve improved conversion rates by 12.33% all the way up to 2933% for my clients, and for one client increased annual revenue by approximately 3 million dollars.

How We Can Do This For You

I've outlined below various deliverables and associated fees. You may select any or all of the options below.

Fees are in GBP and exclude VAT.

Option A Sales Funnels:
- Gather, review and analyze data
- Competitor review
- Sales funnel blueprint
- Article copywriting (for hybrid ad campaign)
- Venue sales page copywriting
- Email campaign copywriting and implementation
Option B Paid Ads & Remarketing:
- Facebook Ads set up and management
- Remarketing set up and management
- Monthly reports
- Note: does not include ad budget
+ VAT per month
Option C Content Marketing:
- We get inside your customer's minds to uncover the exact topics that will resonate and then we use this research to form your content marketing roadmap
- 2–4 blog articles written each month with over 2,000 words per article and images sourced
- Monthly reports
Starts at
+ VAT per month
Option D Cold Email Marketing:
- Researching and scraping email addresses within target audience
- Setting up campaign and writing email sequences
- Monitoring status of campaign, replies, bounces, unsubscribes, etc
- Writing additional email sequences to A/B test against previous winners
- Export new leads directly into your CRM and/or notify email address of your choice
- Monthly reports
+ VAT per month