teabox.com Proposal

28 April 2017

Vamsi Krishna

Dear Vamsi & Smit

Thanks for your interest in working with me. Below I’ve outlined my proposal for the project.

Please review and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll contact you in a few days if I haven’t heard back by then.

Sincerely yours,
David Crowther

Why You’re Here

You've looking to optimize the teabox.com website to increase conversions and generate more revenue.

You tried some basic optimization in the past but didn't pursue it further.

Where You Want To Be

You want to take optimization seriously to start increasing sales.

You want to set up a system and processes that allows you to have an ongoing loop of analysis, optimization and testing.

What We Want To Do

To help you achieve these objectives we'll turn your website into a sales machine.

I will:

  • Identify which parts of your website and business are under-performing and why.
  • Learn about your visitors and customers: who they are, why they buy, and most importantly why they don’t buy.
  • Optimize your sales funnel to increase purchases and repeat purchases.
  • Grow sales and revenue.

Research & Analysis

  • Analytics health check: we’ll fix any issues and make sure everything (including revenue) is tracked.

  • Identify where your website is under-performing (which pages aren’t converting well, where people are dropping off in your checkout process, which pages they visit before making the purchase and where they get stuck).

  • Analyze the functions you use to drive sales (lead magnets, email content, drip email campaigns, advertising messages, one-time offers) and make suggestions for improvements.

  • Qualitative research: exit surveys, chat logs, support questions, customer surveys.

  • User session replay videos to analyze how actual visitors interact with your site.

  • Heatmaps and scrollmaps: mouse tracking data analysis to track mouse cursor movements, clicks, and scrolling on each page to identify how your visitors are interacting with your site.

  • User testing with people who match your ideal customer profile to discover friction points. Great at finding leaks in your sales funnel.

Optimization & Testing

Based on the insights we gained from our research & analysis, we create your optimization program.

All of our suggestions are backed by data and insights gained from research (no guesswork), and we prioritize them to pick the low hanging fruit first (biggest sources of improvement).

The program is not static and is constantly updated as we keep uncovering more insights while optimizing.

This includes:

  • Delivery of copy, design and code for each test.
  • Perform controlled A/B tests for you.
  • Test report—summary of the results and what they mean.

Most A/B testing will only require front-end changes, but sometimes tests will require back-end coding, in which case we’ll discuss with you and your team how to proceed.

After testing comes the review. Did the changes make a positive improvement? And did the improvement translate into actual dollar value?

If yes, great! We move onto the next key stage of the sales funnel that needs improving and start the process again.

If not, we dig deep into the results and uncover the reasons why. We then take these lessons and apply them as we start the process over again.

For every test, win or fail, we write up a summary of the results and what they mean. You’re keep in the loop 100%.

What We’ll Be Preparing For

For the project's best chance of success, we must strive to:

  • Understand your audiences needs and requirements.
  • Be clear on how you position yourselves to your target audience.
  • Provide your visitors with a clear journey through your website, answering their questions and building trust along the way.
  • Provide a platform and environment that allows you to easily and regularly optimize your website.
  • Track and measure each visitor through your sales funnels.

Why We're Best For The Project

There are all sorts of flashy agencies who could potentially help you with this project. So why work with me? Here are several reasons I hope you’ll find compelling:

  • You’ll work directly with me—the conversion rate optimization expert. I’ll be planning and managing the project.
  • I've been published in crazyegg.com, convert.com and sparkpay.com
  • I don’t bill by the hour so you always know in advance what the financial investment will be for my intervention.
  • I’ve worked on over 50 successful projects that have increased my clients conversion rates and profits. I know what I'm doing.
  • I’ve improved conversion rates by 12.33% all the way up to 2933% for my clients, and for one client increased annual revenue by approximately 3 million dollars.

How We Can Do This For You

Let’s picture these three scenarios based on an average of 50,000 visitors per month, an average conversion rate of 1% and an average order value of $86 per sale:

  1. We increase your average conversion rate from 1% to 1.2% (a +20% increase) which means an additional $8,600 per month (worth an additional $103,200 in annualised revenue).
  2. We increase your average conversion rate from 1% to 1.5% (a +50% increase) which means an additional $21,500 per month (worth an additional $258,000 in annualised revenue).
  3. We increase your average conversion rate from 1% to 1.7% (a +70% increase) which means an additional $30,100 per month (worth an additional $361,200 in annualised revenue).

I've outlined below the deliverables and associated fees. You may select any of the options below.

Fees are in USD and include:

  • Analytics health check & audit.
  • Thorough qualitative & quantitative research and analysis.
  • Live web usability testing.
  • Planning and launching of A/B tests.
  • Delivery of copy, design and front-end code for each test (if any updates require changes to the back-end we’ll discuss this with you and plan the best course of action together).
  • Summary report for every completed test.
Option A: Monthly $3,000
per month
Option B: Quarterly $8,000
per quarter
(save $4,000 per year)

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