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My goal is to provide an incredible customer experience AND quantifiable results.

Before I work with any client we agree on two things:

  1. What metric shall define the success of the project. This could be generating new leads, selling a product or service, or even just adding newsletter subscribers.
  2. The minimum conversion rate for this metric.

I then work with you until we’ve achieved the agreed conversion rate for this metric.

This way the value of my work—in terms of results and increased revenue for you—is guaranteed.

When you start any project with me, you know exactly the minimum results you’ll achieve, or you don’t pay.

It’s that simple.

My manifesto

So let me share my "Digital Marketing Manifesto" with you. These are the rules I live by ... that govern my actions, marketing, and policies.

  1. No measure, no work. If you’re not willing to track key metrics to measure the results of my work then we won’t be working together.

  2. Creativity + Data + Behavioral Psychology = Effective Marketing. Eliminate one, and you end up with "marshmallow fluff." As delicious as that may be, it has no substance.

  3. Write to a 5th-grade level. Advertising data has shown time and time again, writing verbose essays may be quite alright for your college course, but it doesn't work when trying to persuade your potential customer. People want to know immediately what you're saying so they can move on ... or dive a little deeper.

  4. Data beats opinion. You can argue all day about the merits of a sales page or email, or why YOU think it should or shouldn't be used. But, when all is said and done, numbers don't lie. We can't tell you how many times we've heard clients say, "I would never take the time to read something that long" or "I never respond to that type of sales approach." But YOU are not the customer. The only thing that matters is whether or not it works. If it doesn't drive leads or sales, then you change it. But you have to let numbers drive behavior in marketing, rather than your opinion alone.

  5. The customer is not always right ... but let them down gently. You're paying me to generate results so it's my duty to let you know when you're heading down the wrong path.

  6. Simple is hard. Removing complexity and friction from a sales funnel to provide a seamless and user friendly experience for your customers is ironically one of the hardest results to achieve.

  7. Digital marketing agencies should not be seen as a cost. A good agency should be seen as a profit generating partner.

Work with me

A little history ...

So, it was way back in 1997 in New Zealand that I discovered the Internet and read my first book on HTML.

My education was in Sports Management, but for some reason the whole idea of being able to design and code a page that could be accessed by anyone on the Internet excited me. (Yes, a bit sad I know …)

So after designing websites for friends and family, someone actually paid me to design their website. That was it, I was hooked and started my life as a freelance web designer.

Soon my interest turned to SEO (ah, how easy it was to influence the search engines back then), and from there to usability and user experience.

After moving to the United Kingdom and working as an Information Architect, I discovered A/B testing and multivariate testing which really opened my eyes. Here we were, all us experts, telling everyone how their website should look and what they should say and we had no idea if we were actually making a difference!

Testing changed that.

Now theories and hypotheses could be put to the test and that meant accountability which was a good thing as I started to work with clients that wanted measurable results.

It was around this time that people started calling what I do Conversion Rate Optimization.

But that’s not what I really do ...

What I do is make websites more profitable, and that’s what I can do for you.

"I’ve worked with David on a conversion optimization project in the past. He completely built and launched an HTML landing page that looked fantastic. Not only that, he understands the world of conversion optimization and is a true professional. If you can book David, do it. You’d be the lucky one in that transaction!"

Mike Burngasser

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