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The Blog Post Promotion Checklist: 19 Steps to Boost Your Traffic
7 min read

The Blog Post Promotion Checklist: 19 Steps to Boost Your Traffic

The Blog Post Promotion Checklist: 19 Steps to Boost Your Traffic

It’s not enough to publish great content and expect the traffic to pore in. To get noticed you need to promote your content.

To help you I’ve created the “The Blog Promotion Plan” which will guide you step by step in promoting every article you publish.

Before you start, here’s a couple of tools you may wish to use to make your job easier.

Outreach management

You can reach influencers and bloggers at scale with BuzzStream. Fill in information about a specific niche (keywords), and you’ll get their contact information.


You can also set up templates and email people directly within the application.

Here is a more detailed description of BuzzStream and how to use the tool.

Alternatives are Respona and Ninja Outreach.

Tracking clicks

Before sharing the link to your article, you may wish to set up a account and shortern the article URL so that you can track every click.

Below are the steps to promoting your content. You don’t have to complete every step, but the more you do, the more traffic you’ll generate.

Post your article on another blog (guest blogging)

Guest blogging can be a great way to: land backlinks from authority sites, portray yourself as an expert in your field, and receive targeted referral traffic to your site.

Search AllTop to give you a list of blogs for any topic. Email the owner of each blog with a link to the article and ask if they’d like to publish the article on their blog.

Learn more about guest blogging from Backlinko and Copyblogger.

And don’t forget, you can still promote your guest post as you would for an article on your own blog.

Ask an Influencer for a Killer Quote

Before publishing your new piece of content, reach out to influencers in your industry. Tell them the topic of your content and ask if they would be willing to provide a point of view.

Influencers quoted in your article are highly likely to promote your article to their audience once it’s live.

Email your existing subscribers

Don’t forget your existing tribe. Send them an email for each new article published, or send them a summary of your articles posted from the last week or month.

Contact resources linked to in your article

For every article and resource you linked to in your article, find the email or Twitter handle of the owner and let them know that you’ve mentioned them in your article.

Example template:

Hey [NAME]

A few days back, I came across your post [POST URL] and I thought it was great.

Just wanted you to know that I’ve mentioned your post in my latest article and would love your feedback if you have any:


Many thanks,

Reach out to anyone you mentioned or quoted in your article

For every person you mentioned or quoted in your article, find their email or Twitter handle and let them know that you’ve mentioned them in your article.

Example template:

Hey [NAME]

Just a quick message to say I love reading your work on [URL or TWITTER].

Just wanted you to know that I’ve mentioned you in my latest article and would love your feedback if you have any:


Many thanks,

Reach out to site owners that have already linked out to similar content

Use Ahrefs to export all of the links pointing to your competitor’s content into a spreadsheet. Tools like Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer will also work.

Weed out referring pages that don’t make sense to contact (forums, article directories etc.).

Email the remaining list using this template:

Hey [NAME],

I was checking out some of your articles at [SITE NAME] today and found this page: [URL]

I noticed that you linked to one of my favorite articles ever: [ARTICLE NAME]

I absolutely love that resource.

You know what? I actually set out to make something similar: [YOUR ARTICLE URL]

It’s like [ARTICLE NAME], but more up to date and comprehensive. You may want to consider linking to my article from your page.

Either way, I’ll see you around at [SITE NAME]!


Contact people who have shared similar content

Contact people who have shared content similar to the item you just published.

Take the URLs from the articles you found during your research and search for them on sites like Twitter. You’ll be able to see the people who have shared them.

Connect with them and send them a direct message. Or, if they have a website, contact them via email or via a contact form and ask them to read and share your content.

Pitch your article to to link roundups

Link roundups are posts that curate (or “roundup”) awesome content from the week.

Use this search string in Google to find active link roundups:

intitle: yourtopicname roundup

Again, use Twitter if you can’t find an email address.

Link from your older articles to your new article

Go back and edit your old articles to create links to your new article.

Include a “Click to Tweet” button for every tip in your article

Highlight useful tips and quotes within your article and make them easy to share on Twitter. There are also WordPress plugins available.

Scheduled tweets to promote each tip in your article

You should always tweet your content multiple times — even if it’s the exact same tweet — to get your content in front of people that are on Twitter at different times.

Use a tool like Buffer to schedule all the tweets at the same time.

Submit the article to your Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin accounts

You should always post your content multiple times to get your content in front of people that are on online at different times.

Again, you can use a tool like Buffer to schedule all your posts at once.

Turn the article into a presentation

Turn your content into a slide deck on SlideShare. It’s estimated that SlideShare receives tens of millions of unique visitors each month. According to Alexa, it’s in the Top 150 sites in the world.

Optimize the title and description. SlideShare also will transcribe the deck for you so all of your content can be crawled by the search engines.

Promote your article on Reddit

Find 3 engaging, relevant communities between 10k-150k.

Try to get 10 net upvotes in that community before doing a self-post. Reddit are great at sniffing out lazy self-promoters so make you post helpful or entertaining replies first for that specific subreddit, then your post is more likely to gain traction. See KISSMetric’s post on promoting on Reddit.

Learn more: Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on Reddit

Use Reddit Analysis to get an idea when best to post.

Reddit loves useful, interesting, entertaining and, importantly, genuine content. If you’re writing about online marketing, SEO, content creation, entrepreneurship, or small businesses, post to niche subreddits such as:

Paid Advertising: Reddit also offers effective, paid advertising on relevant SubReddits.

Aside from Reddit, here are some other popular aggregator sites:

Promote your article on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon drives 50% of social media traffic. Install the StumbleUpon badge to your site — it enables your site to be fed into their index, increasing potential traffic by 20–25%.

Paid Advertising: Try Paid Discovery. Your content URL is only served to those who are interested in the tagged topics you choose, and you pay $0.10 per view (nothing if they leave under 5 seconds).

Use highly relevant tags in your post. Interacting with the community will, like Reddit, grant you more credibility.

Promote your content on premium websites. Outbrain puts your post in relevant places across hundreds of millions of publications in the “From around the web” sections on publications.

Outbrain works with websites such as CNN, FastCompany, Time, CNBC as well as smaller ones.

The tool lets you specify multiple titles for the post you’d like to promote so you can optimize for the best one. You specify a budget (minimum is $10 a day) and a CPC (suggested is $0.35 per click).

Taboola is a similar service as another option.

Submit to Content Communities

There are a number of sites that allow you to submit your content to their established audience. The competition is strong on these sites, but if your content is exceptional (which it should be), you’ll likely attract some attention and traffic.

Sites to submit content to include:

There you have it — the blog post promotion checklist. Complete as many of these steps as you can and I guarantee you’ll see results.