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Cart Abandonment Campaign for Nutritional Supplement
3 min read

Cart Abandonment Campaign for Nutritional Supplement

This email campaign was sent to visitors who'd abandoned their cart while purchasing a nutritional supplement.

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Here's an example of the copy in the campaigns:

Email 1

SUBJECT: A free 30-day supply of [Redacted]?

Hi [firstname],

We noticed that on a recent visit to [Redacted].com you left before completing your purchase.

We wanted to make it even easier for you to start seeing the incredible fat loss effects of [Redacted], so we’re giving you a free 30-day supply of [Redacted] when you order your introductory kit.

[Redacted] is packed with potent natural ingredients that will boost your metabolism and stop you from feeling hungry all the time. Can you imagine how quickly that could transform your body?

In just a few months you could lose enough weight to feel better, have more energy, and start getting compliments again.

It’s easy. All you have to do is try it. It has worked for thousands of other people, and it can work for you too. Let’s accomplish this together.

We’ve reserved your free 30-day supply, but demand is huge.  We can’t hold on to it for much longer. If you want it, then you need to act now.

Get your free 30-day supply now

Here’s to getting more compliments,


Personal Trainer and [Redacted] Expert

Email 2

SUBJECT: Have you given up on losing weight [firstname]?

Hi [firstname],

We get it. Losing weight is hard. It can be really tempting to slip back into old ways, especially when your metabolism and cravings are out of control.

“Just one chip” turns into a whole pack. A midnight snack turns into a full-blown feast. And then you tell yourself “I’ll start losing weight tomorrow”.

Sounds familiar?

And even when you do manage to stay in control, your metabolism just isn’t fast enough to lose weight. You don’t get results that could encourage you to keep going. It’s so easy to just give up and fall deeper into “fat hell”.

We don’t want that to happen to you, [firstname].

That’s why we’ve made it even easier for you to start losing weight quickly and easily with [Redacted].

If you order today, we’re giving you half off your shipping. That’s on top of the free 30-day supply we’ve reserved for you.

It will be so much easier to lose weight with a supercharged metabolism and no late-night cravings. Can you imagine how much better you’ll feel after a few months of sustained, noticeable weight loss?

Your future is in your hands.

Get 50% off shipping with your FREE 30-day supply of [Redacted] now

Here’s to stopping those late night visits to the fridge,


Personal Trainer and [Redacted] Expert

P.S. We’re experiencing massive demand at the moment. Please accept our apologies if we’re already sold out by the time you read this.

Email 3

SUBJECT: You have just 24 hours to get your free 30-day supply of [Redacted]

Hi [firstname],

We’re experiencing an unusually huge demand for [Redacted] this month. That’s great news for us, because it means we’re helping thousands of people take control of their weight again.

But it could be terrible news for you, because unfortunately we’re about to release the free 30-days supply of [Redacted] we’ve been holding for you.

You have just 24 hours to claim your FREE 30-day supply of [Redacted] with 50% off your shipping costs.

[Redacted]’s blend of potent natural ingredients will boost your metabolism and help you control your appetite, transforming your body in a matter of months.

Imagine how incredible it will feel to finally start your weight loss journey and see fast results—all without the struggle of food cravings.

[firstname], I really hope you don’t miss this opportunity to finally get your weight under control again.

Get your free 30-day supply and 50% off shipping now

Here’s to finally taking action,


Personal Trainer and [Redacted] Expert