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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

You’re looking to boost the traffic to your website to increase leads and sales ...

... But you don’t have the time—or inclination—to spend hours researching and writing every week.

And don't forget you need to create a lead magnet (sometimes referred to as a content upgrade) for each post to fully optimize your opt-in rate.

And then there's the email drip campaign to educate and nurture these leads, directing them to your sales pages.

You're not just creating articles anymore, but full featured mini sales funnels.

Do you have the time to do this right?

No? Hey, that’s perfectly understandable.

Writing regular, engaging and useful blog posts takes time and effort.

Setting up and optimizing sales funnels takes time and effort.

Of course, if you don’t have the time and/or talent in-house, you can outsource this service to me at a faction of the cost of a full time employee.

So what does it take to generate a LOT of traffic with blogging

I completed a ton of research and found that there were a number of similarities between the most popular blogs on the Internet:

It’s time to take your blogging and SEO seriously and start building an audience

Sure you can start a blog like everyone else. Maybe you’ll write the posts yourself or ask one of your team to write them.

But hey, you guys are busy right? You’re running a business and those blog posts just don’t seem to make it to the top of your priority list.

Soon your weekly blog posts become one or two a month, then one every three months. It’s OK, this story is all too common, don’t sweat it.

But if you want to succeed where others fail, we can help you.

Take Groove as an example ...

Groove managed to grow from $0 to $100,000 per month recurring revenue over 14 months.

And their main marketing channel … their blog.

Groove take their blogging seriously and spend an average of $1,657.25 per post.

And the best thing … the whole process can be reproduced.

Why use me?

I’ve been creating content for the web for over 17 years now and it’s still my passion. I love the depth and variety of content that’s produced daily on the Internet.

I know the power words have in moving readers emotions, and like everyone else I love a good story.

And that’s what I can produce for you—stories that engage the reader, stories that educate the reader, stories that people want to share with their friends and colleagues.

And in doing this, we build your website an audience.

Below I’ve outlined my fees for content marketing. As you can see, you can save quite a bit when ordering more than one article ...

Package One: 1,000 word articles

• 1 article: $500
• 5 articles: $1,500 (save $1,000)
• 10 articles: $2,500 (save $2,500)

Apply for Package One

Package Two: 2,000 word articles

• 1 article: $800
• 5 articles: $2,400 (save $1,600)
• 10 articles: $4,000 (save $4,000)

Apply for Package Two


How many posts should we be publishing per month?
We recommend a minimum of 1 per month but ideally 1 per week—but studies have shown the more you post, the more traffic you’ll receive.

Should we have images in our posts?
Definitely. Videos and images have shown to increase the number of incoming links to your posts.

Should we publish long posts over 2,000 words?
It depends on your budget. Longer posts take more time and effort to create, and like most things in life, more effort = more reward. The majority of businesses won’t go that extra distance when blogging and therefore you’ll stand out from the pack.