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Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

So you're trying to generate more leads or sales for your business and your current landing page isn't converting ...

You're pouring money into your campaigns and you feel as if you might as well be throwing your money directly in the trash with the results you're getting.

You need to stop wasting your money like this.

You need to fix the leaks before pouring more visitors into the top of your sales funnel.

That's why you're here. You need an optimised landing page that converts!

(And it's not just your landing pages that fit into this group—it includes your home page and service/product pages. In fact it includes any page that you ask for something from your visitor.)

But designing a good looking page THAT also converts well ain't easy.

You've got to write the copy that makes you sound suave and sophisticated while also being persuasive, but not too persuasive of course, you don't want to sound like a cheesy car salesman ...

Then the design has to look clean and professional, after all, it's representing your business and you're not running some amateur operation.

And there's the development of course—half the people will be viewing your page on their phone so it has to look good across all devices. How's your coding skills?

And then there's following up on those visitors who do take action—but's that's for another discussion.

Lift your landing page conversions

I've been designing landing pages for over five years now and have narrowed down the process to a fine art.

To create landing pages that look good—and importantly—convert well, I combine old school direct marketing techniques with modern design.

The majority of my landing pages have increased conversions between 50% and 400%. My best so far was a whopping 2933% increase in click-throughs for a stock trading course (view the case study).

How this happens in practice

My four step process for creating high conversion rates is as follows:

1. Research and analysis:

I study the information you send me, search the web for additional information, analyse your website and review your competitors websites.

2. Direct response copywriting:

Great copy is the workhorse behind your conversions and this paired with the right design can amplify your conversions with a cumulative effect.

3. Conversion optimized design:

Design based on proven usability and conversion principles.

4. 'Responsive' development:

Each page is carefully crafted pixel by pixel into clean HTML, CSS and Javascript code and then tested across the four main browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome & IE). ‘Responsive design’ is standard so your pages look great on tablet and mobile devices.

Pages can also be created in Unbounce, LeadPages, Instapage or Clickfunnels.

Who am I?

I'm David Crowther, a conversion consultant and copywriter from England. I’ve previously worked for clients like British Telecom, Nokia, and GSK. If you're interested, you can read more about me here.

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