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"I had a website that prior to working with David was getting about 2500 visitors per month, but of that, only got about 1-3 leads per month. David re-designed my home page to convert better, and the first revision didn't work. Although it didn't work, that's where I truly thought the world of him. Why? Because although the new revision SEEMS LIKE it should have converted better (it was more visually appealing, it had a time limit, and there weren't a million different places to click on the page), it didn't. How did we know? We measured. Nothing was left to assumption. So then David designed a new home-page that converted 45% better than my current home page. Now, I'm getting about 2-5 leads per month, which if you multiply that by 12 months results in an extra 12-30 leads. Convert that to real-life dollars in my pocket, that's tens of thousands of dollars in additional profits."
Igor Klibanov, CEO, Fitness Solutions Plus

"Finding a good conversion copywriter is never easy ... and trying to find one who can sell a vocabulary program was next to impossible ... until I found David Crowther. I have been marketing vocabulary training programs online for 16 years. I have hired dozens of copywriters to articulate the essence of my vocabulary training and none have been able to do it as well as David. He captured my voice and the spirit of my training brilliantly. He also worked with a designer to produce a first-rate, highly professional site. I am so proud of this site and excited to share it with the world."
– Greg Ragland President, CEO

"What initially started as a project to rewrite the sales copy of one landing page, ended up with a rewrite of our entire website. David's work is an epitome of professionalism and quality—we’ve now got "addicted" to his style of copy and would be engaging his services for our regular content marketing as well.
Amazing job David! Thank you!"
– Abbas Tharkar, dZine-Hub

“We value David's knowledge of landing page conversion, optimization and design and why we have become a repeat customer. David is a pleasure to work with and produces outstanding work. We highly recommend him and will be using him again in the future”
– Grant Hosking

“Exceptional Landing page creator and copywriter. Very easy to work with, makes amends quickly and accurately but also not afraid to advise when he believes a change would be ill-advised in his experience. Highly recommend, this is my third project working with David and there will certainly be more to come…”
– Jamie Stone, Better Fitness Business Ltd

“It was great working with David. He is about as talented of a copywriter as you can find. Highly recommend.”

“David is an expert with Landing pages and created 2 fantastic pages for our AdWords campaigns. He is a fine copywriter and understands how to create landing pages which spark people into action. Highly recommended I will certainly use David on another project soon.”

“David was a pleasure to work with—friendly, professional, and knows his stuff. His CRO and re-design recommendations were spot on. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a smart, seasoned CRO partner.”

“The website you redesigned for Listary was launched 2 months ago. The bounce rate dropped dramatically from more than 70% to around 40%. The conversion rate increased over 80% and sales are growing significantly. I don't know how many customers I’ve lost due to the previous poor homepage design—I hate to think about it! Really amazing work, thank you!”
– Channing Dai,

“This is one of the best teams I've worked with. The first draft provided by David's team was already great, and then they tweaked it to perfection based on my feedback. Very professional writing and design. I won't hesitate to hire David again next time."
– Channing Dai,

“David came up with a page design that I would not have been capable of designing myself and transformed our conversions—one goal conversion increased by 65%, one by 165% and the primary goal conversion on the page increased by 440%. We are now using him to improve all our landing pages. Great to work with and exceptional results."
Mark Singleton, Speak Easily

“David did an exceptional job on our drip campaign. Not only did he write amazing copy, he also implemented the mechanics of the drip campaign for us. I would recommend David to anyone looking to setup an automated marketing lead strategy/campaign."
– Tem Balanco, OneWebHosting

“David took all of the risk out of building a great landing page. There's so much crap design on Upwork, I was happy to pay up to have it done right the first time."
– Drew Warmington, iLeads

“Highly recommended! Thanks again for everything, the quality is outstanding."
– Travis Grier

“David is a Top-notch freelancer. I believe he is the best at what he does. You just cant afford not to have him on your team."

“David advised us on how to maximize our sales funnel and offered insightful suggestions in how to best manage our customers and contacts for future correspondence and sales conversions. He was very knowledgeable, intelligent, communicated his ideas well, and was helpful in answering questions. We would look forward to hiring David again."

“David, is an excellent contractor, highly skilled, experienced, flexible and very helpful. We are really happy with his work and intend fully to work with him again shortly. Thanks David."
– Tai, Spotty Market

"David helped my company launch a new product that brought in a 5 figure profit in the first week (without any affiliates). He wrote a number of video scripts and an email series building up to the launch. He does a great job at copywriting and guiding us through the whole process. The product launch was a tremendous success, due to his amazing copy and script writing! I'll definitely continue to work with David on a number of new projects."
– Len, BergmansLab

"David is a trusted, invaluable secret weapon; we are beyond fortunate to have him as part of our team. The level of strategy, copywriting and overall marketing and conversion-related expertise he brings to the table elevates what we offer to our clients and contributes to the level of success we can deliver to them.
On top of the quality and expertise he delivers, working with David is an absolute dream. He’s organized, a crystal clear communicator, prompt, reliable, and a true team player, all while being a truly kind and caring individual.
I can’t recommend David highly enough; anyone who works with him is truly fortunate indeed!"
– Erin Pheil,

"David took all of the risk out of building a great landing page. There's so much crap design on the Internet, I was happy to pay up to have it done right the first time."
– Andrew Sanocki,

"Having a business selling information products, I'm glad we found David. Our sales pages had an old-school layout and were in need of some serious refreshment. We tried a few different copywriters for the job but David was the one we stayed with. We especially liked how he designed our sales pages. He made them look unique and classy, in a way which assured our customers we're a professional organisation. In the end it gave us a higher conversion, and a higher conversion means more money in our pockets."
– Jonathan & Oscar, S&H Digital

"David is the man for creating content that does more than just fill the gaps. His work is purposed to create visitor to sales conversion and I highly recommend him if you’re looking for professional writing that is more than run of the mill content."
– Jason Binder, Chief Executive Officer of Island Care

"David delivered exactly what I was hoping for. The final product is as beautiful as the rest of his very impressive portfolio! I am looking forward to working with him again."
– Hunter Thompson, Founder of Cash Flow Connections

"Our site had been struggling with conversion and after numerous iterations and working with different web development firms we decided to hire David. David did significant research on our competition and worked with us to immediately identify our key selling points and successfully position our story and product. The landing page provided by David was of the highest quality we had seen in our space and included excellent copy. We noticed an immediate increase in conversion after launching the page. David was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend David for any website conversion or optimization. We will definitely be using David again for future web development."
– Grant Hosking,

"I worked with David using email and specific landing pages for user acquisition. David was extremely creative and suggested strategies that ran contrary to norms in the design of emails, the amount of information conveyed and the time and day the message was sent. He understood the degree of explanation required to create trust and tested iterations across multiple times and days. As a result of his work, we crated a mix of long and short form emails sent at different times to optimize open and click through rates. David wasn't afraid to push back on the accepted literature in the market. And, he was polite and firm all along the way. I appreciate his help and continued insight."
– Tony Maull,

“David provided a very logical, reasoned and balanced audit of the website which we found extremely useful in helping us define and prioritise changes to make to our new website. His approach focuses on the commercial objectives of the site and what the business is trying to achieve from each page and he clearly has a lot of experience and expertise which enables him to make insightful recommendations. I would definitely recommend David and indeed use him again.”
– Alison Woolcock, White Knight Laundry Services

“I've worked with David on a conversion optimization project in the past. He completely built and launched an HTML landing page that looked fantastic. Not only that, he understands the world of conversion optimization and is a true professional. If you can book David, do it. You'd be the lucky one in that transaction!”
– Mike Burngasser

“David's advise on conversion is in depth, detailed and well argumented! He gave us clear and actionable directions in terms of design/color/sizes/buttons etc to improve conversion on several pages of our site. Thanks a lot David, we’ll be back!”
– Job Smulders, RentAutobus

“David, is an excellent contractor, highly skilled, experienced, flexible and very helpful. We are really happy with his work and intend fully to work with him again shortly. Thanks David.”
– Tai Alegbe, Spotty Market

“It was pleasure working with David. I believe he knows the job he's doing and I recommend him strongly for any landing page project.”
– Murali Adhikari,

“I first worked with David on a project that required turn around in an incredibly short timeframe (as is always the case). David came on board as our Information Architect at short notice, took the reins and ran with things. He brought the project in on time and within budget and to the client's exacting standards whilst consistently thinking over and above the brief and recommending fresh approaches that demonstrated he was always one step ahead. I highly rate David for his expertise, insight, guidance and support - and wouldn't hesitate in working with him again or recommending him to anyone else.”
– Ginnie Le Mestre, IncrediBull Ideas

“I had the pleasure of working with David for 3 years when I first entered the world of the professional design agency. He was always a pleasure to work with, was generous with his time for others, and was a constant source of inspiration.
David is a natural problem solver who pushes the technical barriers, and always with a high level of attention to detail.
He regularly headed pitches and client meetings and had the ability keep the more complex, technical projects jargon free. An asset to any organisation.”
– Paul Cordingley, TMH

“We hired David to create a new and dynamic website for the charity. He achieved this on time, on budget and with outstanding results. Our website is impressive and easy to navigate, and even after over two years of it being live, I still receive compliments on how it looks and works - the latest one just today. The content management system is easy to use, and I am able to update the website quickly and easily every day. The design options which David gave us for the site were eye catching and dramatic, which helps to make our website stand out from the rest. I recommend David's work to others on a regular basis without hesitation and I doubt we will need a new website, as David will just redesign this one.”
– Sherie Williams Ellen, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance

“The depth, intelligence and creativity he applies to his briefs, puts him way above the competition in my opinion. A first class professional with an incredible grasp of his subject. David is by far one of the best in his field.”
– Ursula Dunn, REMO

“I just wanted to highlight some incredibly fast work turned around by David Crowther. I sent him an official brief late last night and he has already produced a draft of the final version for me. I'm incredibly impressed at this and just wanted to sing his praises to you.”
– Cheryl Foster, SaaS Campaign Manager, BT Retail

“Thanks to David Crowther, the establishment of our complex site went very smoothly and within the tight deadline – fantastic service!”
– David de Kretser, The mortgage monkey

“I have worked with David for several years on numerous web projects, in that time he has been instrumental in helping our company develop our digital offering.”
– Matt Dodd, rhc visual strategy

“David Crowther delivered a professional and highly creative solution for a key project. The service we received was timely, within budget and worry-free—it was a pleasure to work with him.”
– Claire Frost, REMO

“I have always found David Crowther to be an excellent partner for our company. We have recommended him to our colleagues.”
– Marian East, MedSense