Transform Your Website Into A Powerful Sales Tool

I specialize in sales funnel optimization of high traffic websites to convert more visitors into customers.

Let me tell you a quick story about Emma and Larry

Both Emma and Larry sell eyewear for canines—nothing but the finest quality glasses for the most discerning of pooches.

They were both looking to build their businesses and become the top dog (pardon the pun) in their industry.

Larry decided to spend all of his budget on more advertising, to bring as many people as possible to his website

Emma, on the other hand, hired an experienced (and, dare I say, handsome) consultant to optimize her website and increase existing conversion rates.

While Larry was busy pouring money into advertising, I researched and analysed Emma’s website along with her competitors.

I spoke at length with Emma, viewed her website analytics, surveyed her customers and came up with a list of changes Emma needed to make to her website and sales funnel to increase her sales of doggy glasses.

I then created new content for Emma, and integrated the various tools and services she was using to provide her visitors a seamless journey through her sales funnel.

Larry’s additional advertising was paying off and he increased the number of visitors to his website from 10,000 to 20,000 per month.

Larry’s average sale was worth $100 and with a conversion rate of 1%, he was making one sale out of every 100 visitors to his website.

He’d increased his monthly revenue from what was initially $10,000 up to $20,000, but due to his additional monthly advertising costs of $5,000, he only profited $15,000 per month.

Emma also started with 10,000 visitors per month and that remained unchanged. But after optimizing her sales funnel, her conversion rate doubled from one sale per 100 visitors to two sales per 100 visitors.

Now Emma was making $20,000 in revenue per month and profiting from all of it.

But she didn’t stop there …

Emma started advertising like Larry had and doubled her visitors to 20,000 per month. Emma was now making $40,000 minus her monthly advertising costs of $5,000.

Over the following year Emma made $420,000 in profit over Larry's $180,000, which is not-too-shabby, don't you think?

Now … who would you rather be?

Don't be a Larry ... work with me